Corporate Overview

The emergence of Saudi Arabia as a world leader in supplying oil and gas to the world were planned developments which lead to the creation of ARAMCO. The success of the development and growth of ARAMCO led in its turn to the added value Petro-chemical industries of SABIC. The growth of SABIC into one of the world’s most successful giants of industry further proved the successful business model which is the hallmark of Saudi industrial success.

The realization by the government that the vast mineral potential in Saudi Arabia was not exclusive to oil and gas but to many valuable industrial minerals as well, prompted the formation of MA’ADEN, the Saudi Arabian Mining Company.

MA’ADEN has developed the two world class mega projects Al Jalamid Phosphates and Az Zabirah Bauxite and Aluminum as well as many potentially major projects to produce Gold, Copper, Zinc and many others. The decision of the government to open access to the public to participate in this new mining and industrial era has given CMCI the opportunity to participate in the building owning and operating of major industrial facilities which are to serve the new minerals beneficiation plants to be built in the country.

Due to the evolution of the investment climate in Saudi Arabia, Central Mining Co. Investment Ltd. (CMCI) has now embarked on an investment drive into the three major building blocks for its growth. These are the exploration and development of its own mines, the contract mining of the ore potential and the beneficiation of the mined concentrates and finally production of final products. In order to achieve these goals CMCI has concentrated on acquiring world class technology partners and formed the appropriate Saudi vehicles to bring these goals to fruition.